Ditching toxic perfumes: how natural perfumes benefit your health with gorgeous aromas

We all love to smell good, right? That’s why perfume is one of the most ancient luxuries we know of. It’s well documented, even in the earliest recorded histories of the world, that people have been using the natural scents of herbs, fruits, trees, and other plants as body fragrance and to support their health. They drew on some of nature’s best offerings: citrus fruits, jasmine, wood, lavender, and resins and oils like frankincense. These natural ingredients benefited them in ways like reducing stress, promoting sleep and relaxation, uplifting their energy and improving concentration—while giving them an irresistible aroma.

But somewhere along the line, the health benefits of perfume got lost in fake luxury. The commercial perfume industry is booming, and it’s getting its trajectory at the expense of our wellbeing.

If you’re like many other people in our generation, you might not know how many toxic ingredients are in your favourite fragrance and what it could be doing to your health.

The truth is, even the best researchers don’t know ALL the ingredients we’re being slowly poisoned with, and we probably won’t know for a long time.

But don’t panic! Luckily, there are some smart cookies out there documenting the real health risks of perfumes (and other scented products with the insidious ‘fragrance’ listed in their ingredients), and they’re asking more questions and giving us more reasons every day to go back to nature and ditch the toxins in our synthetic perfumes. And there are some even smarter cookies (if we do say so ourselves) who are refining and wildcrafting health-giving blends of gorgeous natural ingredients into transcendently aromatic fragrances—so you can benefit your health while you smell like a million bucks.

How does natural fragrance improve your health?

Smell is an important sense. You’ll probably already know that, when you think of an occasion where you caught just a whiff of a familiar scent on the wind and it took you back to a memory as vivid as the day it happened. We don’t yet fully understand all the ways different scents impact on our receptors and our brains (including psychologically), but we do know that the impulses they cause can influence our basic bodily functions like heart rate, breathing, and hormone balance. And for as long as we’ve known, people all over the world have been harnessing the aromatherapeutic power of natural fragrance to stimulate the brain’s pleasure centres, to make associations with sleep and positive thoughts, and even to promote synaesthesia and dreams!

Fragrances from natural sources can have a big, positive influence on our bodies.

Researchers have found evidence through medical scans and scientific studies that lavender and jasmine can act as sedatives, measurably inducing calm feelings and promoting sleep. They even hope to use jasmine in the future as a means of improving hand-eye coordination in musicians, surgeons, and sports players! It’s amazing to imagine a day where mainstream medicine will be made from rosemary (to improve alertness), apples (to lose weight, treat migraines, and lower blood pressure), lemons (to reduce stress), peppermint (to improve speed, strength and accuracy), oranges (to reduce anxiety and promote calmness), and cucumber (to reduce claustrophobia!). Who knows what other incredible breakthroughs are just waiting to be discovered in the environment?

But we don’t have to wait for some unforeseeable future to enjoy the benefits of these natural gifts. More and more health-conscious brands—like Black Chicken Remedies—are formulating incredible blends of natural ingredients that we can use to enrich our lives with a touch of luxury. All we have to do is ditch what we’re using right now: poisonous chemicals, in the form of synthetic perfumes.

How does synthetic perfume affect your health?

In the ancient world, people treasured perfumes. They were even worth more than gold, because of their medicinal benefits. But what’s on our shelves today are imposter fragrances, the fake counterparts of natural aromas—and their association with morbid health conditions and even cancer is only strengthening over time. They don’t even really smell good—you only have to (literally) stop and smell the roses to know that floral scents don’t really smell like flowers.

What’s worse is that it isn’t just the person wearing it that’s being harmed.

All the people breathing the toxic chemical-laden air are affected—which is why synthetic fragrances are becoming known as ‘the new second-hand smoke’!

You only have to step into the fragrance section of any department store to feel the dizzying, sinus-burning, headache-inducing impact that commercial perfumes have on us. They actually cause pain, don’t they?

Most of these fragrances are riddled with petrochemicals and phthalates, which are known to disrupt our endocrine system and cause breast cancer, obesity and fertility problems among many others. They’re formulated with potentially hundreds of chemicals at a time that cause hormone imbalances, ADHD, diabetes, obesity, cancer, nervous system disorders, asthma, and allergies—and if you’re spritzing yourself every day with one of the big-name brand’s secret formulas, you could be heading towards a pretty bleak future of poor health.

What’s actually in synthetic perfumes?

For most of the big brands, the short answer is: we don’t know. Because the major labels are protected under intellectual property laws—their fragrance formulations are a ‘trade secret’—they don’t actually have to tell you what they’re poisoning you with. Isn’t that scandalous?

If you haven’t made the switch to natural body products and perfumes yet, you’ll notice on many of your products’ labels that one of their ingredients is ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’. This single ingredient is actually several chemicals—potentially even hundreds of chemicals—which are known to be harmful to your body.

It might sound like a conspiracy theory, but it’s true: none of these ingredients have to be disclosed or tested for health and safety.

But that hasn’t stopped ethical researchers from getting to the bottom of these dirty little secrets. The Environmental Working Group (a non-profit group dedicated to protecting human health and the environment) estimate from a study that 72% of products with the ingredient ‘fragrance’ contained phthalates and petrochemicals. Groups like this are working slowly towards stopping these practices, but we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds.

So, what if you buy ‘unscented’ products instead? Sorry guys, these ones are even worse. They’re actually still a fragranced product, with a masking fragrance added in—so they’re doubly fragranced, and doubly chemical. And if you choose ‘natural fragrance’ products? There’s still no guarantee they’re safe: capitalising on the green movement, the big companies often attract people with products labelled ‘green’, ‘natural’, when they actually emit just as many toxic chemicals as regular products—because the essential oils are processed with a toxic solvent. There’s only one way to get away from the chemicals in fake perfumes: go natural!

What’s in natural perfumes?

Simply put: nothing that can make you sick. If that sounds complicated, you’re right! But that’s why we’ve done it for you. We’re not happy to breathe ‘the new second-hand smoke’ anymore—which is why we formulated our own signature scent. At Black Chicken Remedies, we crafted our Essential Oil Perfume #1: Transcendence, so we could rejuvenate our bodies with therapeutic natural ingredients that are as amazing to smell as they are at repairing damage.

We wanted the luxury of fragrance AND the health benefits of nature that we weren’t getting from commercial products—so we made it ourselves.

Transcendence is the first in a range of natural essential-oil perfumes designed to invigorate the senses. Just like we do in all our products, we preserve the integrity of the ingredients so your body is still able to recognise and communicate with their powerful properties. Transcendence is a non-toxic, roll-on perfume, designed to promote a sense of calm and heighten your wellbeing in a way that no commercially manufactured perfume ever could—and it smells better than anything you’ll find on those shelves, too.

And we’ve got even more exciting news: we’ve just launched our next Essential Oil Perfume #2: Epiphany. It’s unlike any perfume we’ve created—a smouldering fire of warmth and spice, it releases earthy notes like a forest after it rains. But more than this: it’s a natural, remedial perfume that will move you emotionally and energetically. Its abundant, restorative power lies in:

  • Oak Moss essential oil – Evokes the feeling of being fully abundant. It is deep, earthy and grounding.
  • Black Pepper essential oil – Warming and spicy. The scent is stimulating and awakens your body.
  • Petitgrain essential oil – A fresh, floral and often herbaceous aroma. Most commonly know for its ability to promote relaxation when smelt.
  • Cucumber oil – Hitting your olfactory system upfront, cucumber gives us an instant sense of refreshment, lightness and subtle sweetness.

Don’t take our word for it: just smell it.

We guarantee that once you go natural, you won’t go back!

Essential Oil Perfume #2 – Epiphany


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