The Essential Oil Guide To Sleep

Sleep. We all need it, and despite our best efforts, sometimes we need a little help catching some quality winks.

Sleep deprivation and sleep disorders are now all too common. Australian adults get an average of seven hours of sleep per night, an hour less than the recommended eight hours. Not only that, most of us are waking up at least twice each night.

What’s keeping us awake?

The number one sleep distraction (after needing to go to the toilet) is not being able to switch off the mind. Yep! We are keeping ourselves awake with thoughts about our day, what’s coming up, all the things on our to-do lists and anything the monkey mind decides to fixate on.

Your eyelids are heavy, but your thoughts are heavier. Sound familiar?

Mind chatter rates even higher as a sleep disrupter than noise distractions and being disturbed by partners and pets! So as easy as it is to blame snoring spouses or dogs who think they are on security alert, it’s really our thoughts that prevent us from slipping away into dreamland.

Why is sleep so important?

Quality sleep and rest is directly related to good health and wellbeing. In fact, your body is able to do the most amount of healing and restoring when it’s in deep sleep.

The importance of sleep has been known for centuries! Even Aristotle believed that sleep is a time of physical renewal, way back in 350 BC. We know it’s essential, yet we tend to deprive ourselves way too often.

Ongoing sleep deprivation is linked to a host of ill health, such as an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke. It’s also linked to premature ageing and can impact on concentration and memory.

We all know the heavy feeling of waking up after a terrible night’s sleep and how hard it is to power through the day. A lack of sleep makes it so much harder to think clearly and perform at our best.

There’s no better way to offer ourselves self love that by prioritising quality sleep.

How do we improve our sleep?

The key to a good night’s sleep is to relax the mind (and body). Getting yourself into a relaxed state before you hit the hay is essential to having a peaceful slumber. But in our modern world of long hours of work, exposure to technology and often having late nights, winding down isn’t always easy.

For many of us, we need more than just finding a quiet space to switch off our mind and succumb to the feeling of total relaxation. The obvious things are to block out loud noises, switch off screens (especially phones and computers) and to avoid large meals, caffeine and alcohol just before bed.

The mind needs time to wind down so avoid too much mental stimulation. But if the monkey mind just won’t let up, there are other ways to switch it off. An important factor is establishing a good sleep rhythm.

The role of our natural circadian rhythm

We are designed to rise and fall with the sun. The sun contains different light variants throughout the day, and the different light defused can help our body release hormones to wake us in the morning (thanks to cortisol) and make us sleepy at night (thanks to melatonin).

But this isn’t always possible for those of us who live a little south of the equator. In winter we often rise and fall in darkness, and in summer, most of us sleep past sunrise.

Fortunately in our modern world, there are other ways we can naturally induce hormones and promote relaxation in the mind and body when its time for some shut-eye.

Whether you sleep at night or during the day (such as if you are a shift worker or enjoy the occasional cat nap) we can all improve our sleep any time of day.

Essential oils can be a great way to help our body find a natural sleep rhythm and help you find your inner calm before bed.

Essential oils and quality sleep

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years as supplements to improve overall health and wellbeing. There are many different essential oils with remedial benefits to aid a good night’s sleep. Some of our favourites include:

Lavender – whether dried or in oil form, lavender has a soothing, fragrant scent which has a very calming and relaxing effect on the body.

Cedarwood – as an essential oil, Cedarwood helps to release melatonin, the hormone that signals the body to go to sleep. So it’s no wonder that it is essential to drifting away into deep sleep.

Bergamot – slightly citrus, bergamot essential oil is uplifting yet relaxing. It’s often used in perfumes and fragrances and also as a natural cleanser in cosmetics. It’s a beautiful addition to aromatherapy remedies.

Cinnamon – with a myriad of remedial uses, cinnamon is one of the most potent essential oils on the planet. It is used for decreasing inflammation, calming the nervous system, increasing circulation and even relieving depression. Cinnamon helps the body return to a more natural state and assists the mind to do so also.

Vetiver – rich and earthy, vetiver has a grounding effect on the body so it’s great for overall wellbeing and reconnecting the mind and body.

Marjoram – called the “herb of happiness” by the Romans, Majoram is extremely soothing and helps to calm the nerves.

Black Chicken Remedies Sleep Repair Pack

Quality sleep will change your life. If you’re not sleeping soundly, it may be worth considering a few essential oil supplements to help you nod off.

Because sleep is something we all need (and let’s face it, most of us need more quality and quantity sleep) we have put together a Sleep Repair Pack. Each pack contains:

Slumber Essential Oil Blend

This gorgeous remedial essential oil blend is specifically formulated to reduce nervous tension and anxiety and promote deep relaxation. You can use it as a diffuser or with an inhaler such as our Slumber Nasalette™ Essential Oil Inhaler. It contains five essential oils with remedial benefits as well as providing a beautiful scent from cedarwood, Bergamot, Cinnamon, Vetiver and Marjoram.

You can even add a few drops to your pillow or a tissue and hold close to your nose as you drift away.

Slumber Nasalette™ Essential Oil Inhaler

Our signature inhalers provide a simple and convenient way to breathe in the benefits of essential oils. They’re little pocket diffusers you can take anywhere with you, refillable, and full of potent, targeted all-natural goodness.

Our slumber inhaler focuses on wellbeing before bedtime, however if you’re suffering from congestion and upper respiratory ailments which may keep you awake, try our Respire Essential Oil Blend combination.

Pyramedial™ The Scent of Sleep

As the name alludes to, our Pyramedial™ is quite literally a pyramid filled with heavenly scented goodness. For eons the pyramid has been a symbol of life force energy – a shape that resonates with earth’s magnetic field. Its energetic power has been understood by ancient cultures to attract positive etheric energy and convert negative ones. Now imagine a pyramid filled with the purest lavender to relieve nervous tension and insomnia – that’s what we call pyramid power.

Put this bundle of goodness beside your bed or between your pillows and ease into some of the most relaxing and restorative sleeps you’ve ever had.

Featherlite Silk Eye Mask

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as an eye mask to relieve tired eyes. Our Featherlite Silk Eye Mask is incredibly gently against delicate eyelashes and the skin around your eyes. There’s little to no pressure at all upon your eyelids so all you need to do is unwind and be transported to destination calm.

But first, sleep

If we haven’t convinced you of the importance of sleep, perhaps you are yet to experience just how amazing you can feel with a healthy sleep pattern! Don’t forget that if you have a partner they will also benefit from any improvements you make to your sleep, as well as co-workers and anyone you spend time with day-to-day. So this could be a win-win situation for everyone concerned 😉


Sleep Repair Pack



2 replies
  1. Sleeper
    Sleeper says:

    We love this pack for sleeptime Thankyou! The pyramedial sits right between our pillows! Two quick questions. How do I refill the inhaler? And can I add some of the oil to the pyramedial if it ever needs a boost? Thankyou again.

    • Black Chicken Remedies
      Black Chicken Remedies says:

      Glad you are loving our new pack of sleep goodies 🙂
      To refill the Nasalette you can either just remove the botton panel and add a few drops of the oil in there or you can simply add them via the top hole.
      Yes you absolutely can add some extra oil to the Pyramedial. Just unzip it being careful not to spill the lavender and add a few drops of Slumber blend. It also helps to give the Pyramedial a gentle squeeze every now and then to allow the lavender to release its scent again.
      Hope that helps. x


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