Best Natural Deodorant for Men - Your Guide

Best Natural Deodorant for Men - Your Guide

No one likes body odor. This is probably why around 85% of men use some form of deodorant every day. Whether you're into a stick or spray, most deodorants for men contain a mixture of chemical ingredients that can seriously harm your body. Some of these ingredients are even known carcinogens.

There's one secret to smelling fresh without worrying about harmful chemicals. Natural and organic deodorants for men are upping the ante by swapping out the harmful chemicals for natural ingredients that target odor at the source.

Staying fresh is easier than ever with the rise of healthy deodorants. Here's everything you need to know about natural deodorant for men, what to look out for, and where to purchase it.

Harsh Ingredients in Most Men's Deodorant

Healthy deodorant for men is more about what's NOT included on the ingredients list. Unfortunately, you'll find these harsh ingredients in most mainstream deodorants and antiperspirants on store shelves.

Here's a list of the "bad" ingredients to look out for.

Aluminum - Commonly used in antiperspirants to clog pores and stop you from sweating.

Aluminum salts are what prevent the body from sweating. The salts dissolve to block sweat from forming on the surface of your pores, but what does that mean for your health? One of the most significant health scares linked with aluminum is Alzheimer's disease. Research shows that medical professionals can detect high levels of aluminum in the brains of Alzheimer's patients.

Using aluminum-free deodorant for men can help prevent the onset and the aggressive nature of Alzheimer's.

Aluminum salts are what prevent the body from sweating. The salts dissolve to block sweat from forming on the surface of your pores, but what does that mean for your health?

Alcohol - Helps deodorant dry quickly after application.

Alcohol in deodorant dissolves the active ingredients, eliminates bacterial growth, and helps the product dry faster after application. While alcohol is the "most innocent" harmful ingredient found in deodorant, it can dry out your skin. If you have sensitive underarms, look for Men's deodorant for sensitive skin made without alcohol.

Parabens - Preservatives that help prolong the shelf life of deodorant and many other grooming products.

Healthy deodorant for men is formulated without parabens. Parabens can interfere with your body's normal hormone production and function. These compounds tend to mimic estrogen. Parabens found in self-care products can be absorbed through the skin, and once they are in your body, they can function as estrogen, a female hormone.

Further research is needed to fully understand the long-term effects of exposure to parabens in men. That being said, why take the chance?

Triclosan - Prevents bacterial growth during the production process.

Did you know triclosan is a pesticide? Yes, like the stuff that's used to kill bugs off plants. Triclosan can be found in various products from body wash, hand soap, lotions, toothpaste, and of course, deodorant. Studies have even found that most Americans have detectable triclosan levels in their urine.

The biggest health concern around this suspicious ingredient is its potential to impair thyroid function. Not to mention triclosan could have carcinogenic properties. Not great.

What You Should Know About Aerosol Sprays

Not only do most aerosol sprays contain the controversial ingredients above, but they also release chemicals into the air that are often not environmentally or body-friendly. Some other chemicals used in deodorants can include humectant propylene glycol, which prevents the product from drying out, triethanolamine and diethanolamine for pH control, and a slew of color and scent-specific chemicals.

When you spray on aerosol deodorant, you’re not just loading your armpits up with this chemical cocktail. You’re also releasing them into the air you breathe. As a result, aerosol sprays can trigger asthma and can irritate the nose and lungs.

And we should also mention that spray-type deodorants are THE worst for the environment. Every time you spray an aerosol product, you increase your carbon footprint because you’re releasing the compressed gases and hydrocarbons in the aerosol container. These gasses hurt CO2 emissions.

5 Reasons Why Guys Should Consider Organic Deodorant For Men

You can protect your body from harmful chemicals and target odor by swapping your standard sticks (that, let's be honest, you've probably been using since you were in high school) for healthy and safe natural deodorant with no adverse health effects.

Old habits can be hard to break, but a lot has changed since high school, and so should your deodorant.

Need a little more push to go natural? Here are 5 reasons to make the change.

#1. Sweating is important for your health. Our bodies like to sweat! Sweating helps your body release toxins and cools you down to help regulate body temperature.

Unclogging your armpits with natural deodorants can actually help keep you smelling better than your trusty mainstream deodorants. When you allow your armpits to sweat (like they are made to do), your body will begin to re-balance and stop over-producing odor-causing bacteria. Odor issues start to decrease, and your underarm moisture levels will normalize.

#2. Sweat doesn't smell like anything. If you've ever been inside a locker room, you'd probably beg to differ, but hear us out. Sweat itself is actually odorless. The BO smell is caused by natural bacteria that live on the skin combining with sweat. If you're considering a men's deodorant without aluminum, remember that sweating is a natural biological process. Aluminum doesn't prevent your body from needing to sweat. It just plugs your glands so they can't function normally.

Don't worry about not smelling your best. ​​Natural deodorant still helps stop odor by preventing bacteria from mixing with the water on your skin.

#3. Ditch the pit stains. This one has more to do with saving your pennies rather than your health. Preserve your white shirts with aluminum-free deodorant for men. The aluminum-based compounds found in many antiperspirants cause those annoying yellow stains on white clothing when bacteria and aluminum mix.

#4. Synthetic fragrances stink (literally and figuratively).You know those potent scents when you spray on deodorant that fills the room with a cloud of perfume? Well, those fragrances could be creating a whole host of problems aside from 'stinking' up the place. Synthetic fragrances can cause migraines and skin irritations like dry, rough, or itchy underarm skin.

Men's natural deodorant comes in plenty of fresh, masculine scents. Instead of synthetic fragrances, a lot of organic deodorants use essential oils to create fresh aromas that'll give your go-to drugstore stick a run for its money.

#5. Natural deodorants work with your body. Trying to find the best natural deodorant for men can seem like a challenge. Your deodorant should neutralize your body's own signature scent while assuring your BO doesn't interfere with your day or your favorite cologne.

Unlike deodorants that promise a two-day-long zero-sweat streak, natural deodorants work with your natural body aroma. Neutralize the smell of BO without suffocating your pores.

Is Organic Deodorant For Men Cruelty-Free?

Fragrances that will have you feeling refreshed and smelling nice don't have to come at the expense of helpless animals. However, just because a product is made using organic or all-natural ingredients doesn't automatically mean it's ethical.

Animals used in product testing are tortured. The best way to ensure your products are never tested on animals is to do a little research before purchasing. Luckily, more brands are swearing off animal tests. But with that being said, many brands use marketing language to make it seem like they're a lot more animal-friendly than they actually are.

When you're shopping for organic deodorant or any other personal care product, look for the Leaping Bunny Logo by ​​the CCIC or the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics or the Caring Consumer Logo by PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Unclogging Your Armpits With Natural Deodorants - What to Expect

We've talked a lot about how pores appreciate the freedom to do what they do best, sweat, but what happens when you make the change from traditional formulas you'll find at the drugstore to organic formulas. When you remove the "aluminum plug" from your armpits, you may release some of the buildups you've been blocking off.

Your body will start to release waste and sweat aluminum out. So if you notice a little more BO than usual, or you're stinkin' up a storm for lack of a better term, it's not that your natural deodorant isn't working. Your body is just working a little harder.

The Best Natural Deodorant For Men

Don't rub harmful ingredients on your pits. The Axilla™ Natural Deodorant Paste Original contains zero alcohol, aluminum, triclosan, or parabens. Instead, we formulate our non-toxic men's deodorant with good-for-you ingredients like shea butter, tapioca starch, coconut oil, and kaolin clay to naturally combat BO and moisture.

What's better than an all-natural deodorant that works? One that's also earth-friendly. Check out the new eco-friendly tin that is infinitely recyclable.

The Best Natural Deodorant For Men With Sensitive Skin

If your skin tends to be on the more sensitive side, try a men's natural deodorant made without bicarb. Bicarb is usually harmless, but some people prone to sensitive skin can find it a little irritating. The Axilla Natural Deodorant Paste Barrier Booster is bicarb-free and formulated with a blend of natural soothe and strengthen sensitive skin, all while keeping you smelling your best.

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