Bringing Back Soft Skin

The skin is your largest organ and it loves water. Drinking quality water certainly helps keep your skin supple, but there is only so much water you can drink in a day. You can help your skin by reaching for a facial mist more often, to speed up the return of soft radiant skin.

  • Hydrated skin is SOFT.
  • Hydrated skin has improved TONE.
  • Hydrated skin has fewer visible PORES.
  • Hydrated skin GLOWS.
  • Hydrated skin appears more YOUTHFUL.

Hydrate My Face is a solution to fast tracking the return of soft skin. The mist is hand made and packed with high grade and organic ingredients. Get into the habit of spritzing the mist on your face throughout the day and you’ll start discovering why using a high quality mist is a beauty saver. The particles of the formulated essential oils in the mist, bind to your skin purifying and feed it 100% natural nutrients and keep it moist.

Many make up artists rave about facial mists being a beauty ‘must have’.

“I can say with great confidence that you need some facial mist in your life. Not only does it set your makeup, but it also helps with: calming, hydrating, replenishing, adding radiance, and irritation. Mists are beauty lifesavers and can take you from looking tired and lackluster to bright and dewy in seconds. Trust me”. Contessa Schexnayder– International make up artist.

Try it for yourself: Hydrate My Face


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