Discover a Breakthrough to Healthier Skin With The Dry Mask

It can happen. You’re humming along with your skincare routine it’s working a treat until you notice a succession of breakouts or a patch or two of rough skin, yet nothing significant has changed in your diet or lifestyle. What’s up? Your skin could be telling you it needs a deeper than normal cleanse and now would be a good time to reach for a skin saviour – the dry facial mask.

How to Use Our Cacao Revelation Mask

Our Cacao Revelation Mask Pack is a complete dry face mask kit. RRP: $84.50 – valued at $133.32.

We created a dry (powder) mask for some important reasons. Clay becomes active when you add water to it, which is why you add the water only when you’re about to use it. Because the mask doesn’t contain any liquid, it doesn’t need any preservatives. When you’re detoxing your skin it doesn’t make sense to introduce more of what it doesn’t need.

What’s cool about white kaolin clay in the mask is that clay on your skin is like Dyson suction to a shag pile. The clay has the oomph to draw out impurities well below what’s visible on surface of your skin, and helps dislodge dirt from your pores. Using a mask to address skin problems is a good idea, but using it weekly to prevent breakouts and maintain vibrant skin health is even better.

When three of the key ingredients; white and pink kaolin clay and raw organic cacao come together in the Cacao Revelation Mask, they have the healing power to deliver a powerful deep clean. The clay works to detox’s the skin and the cocoa delivers an impressive amount of antioxidants.

Together they work to reduce inflammation, stimulate circulation, treat acne, and soothe irritated skin resulting in a smoother and radiant skin, that looks and feels good.
The combination of ingredients in the Cacao Revelation Mask has been formulated to help breakthrough the cycle of problem skin.   To accelerate the return of great feeling skin, whether to address oily, dry or acne prone check out Cleanse My Face oil cleanser.


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