Get Off a Plane Looking and Feeling Better

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get off a plane looking and feeling better than when we got on? We know about drinking plenty of water before and during a flight but did you know how much difference a simple natural skincare routine can make?

Choosing the best skincare with specially combined essential oils gives us the concentrated goodness we need to combat traveller’s skin.

Stuffy recycled air and low humidity really dry out your skin and can make it dull and tired-looking, emphasising fine lines and wrinkles and even causing blemishes.

The night before a journey, it’s good to prep your skin for the stress ahead with a rich clay and cacao mask. Once on board, we’ve found the best way to remove grime without stripping the skin is by using a natural oil cleanser. You need a cleanser that’s light to apply and easy to remove, with the powerful synergy of essential oils.

Spritzing your face and neck with a botanical mist will soften and plump up your skin, then seal in the moisture and boost protection with a few drops of natural facial serum. On a long flight, you can repeat this routine every few hours to help keep your skin super-hydrated.

To protect hands and lips, try a soothing natural balm. An all-natural deodorant is a must-have to keep you feeling fresh, while smoothing on a divinely scented body oil is a luxurious touch for your body and your senses. Add a Featherlite Silk Eye Mask and you’re ready to relax in your own aromatic space.

We put together our Travel Skincare Kit because having these remedies with you, in easily accessible travel-size pots, is as soothing to the mind as it is to your face. Travel well.


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