Exfoliation Elation

Exfoliation Elation

When it comes to exfoliation, Mother Nature has us covered naturally, without any nasty side affects to you or our majestic planet. For this reason, we recommend you avoid any products that contain micro beads. These are small pieces of plastic commonly found in facial cleansers, body scrubs and soap. They damage our oceans and waterways and affect our health when they find their way into our food supply.

To learn more, read about what Alexx Stuart has to say about them.

If you haven’t tried our facial exfoliator, here’s the low down.

Complexion Polish

First up It’s a Powder. Powder Exfoliators Are Good for People with Sensitive Skin and Are Easier to Travel With, No Spillages.


Rice Powder – used by Japanese Geishas for centuries to give skin a smooth and perfect porcelain appearance.

Argan Shell Powder – dissolves impurities to leave skin brightened, supple and glowing.

Kaolin Clay – dead skin cells adhere to this nourishing mineral-rich substance and are washed away.

Sandalwood Powder – fine particles with antibacterial properties provide gentle exfoliation and help to unblock pores and remove impurities.

Myrrh Powder – has a magical effect on the skin. It helps tone and refine, and draws out toxins. Excellent for mature skin as it helps prevent tissue degeneration, and boosts cell renewal.


A little powder is mixed with water or Cleanse My Face oil cleanser to make a paste then applied it to your face in a circular motion controlling the pressure you apply with your hands.


What’s too much or not enough? Look at your skin closely in the mirror and you’ll know. If your face looks irritated you area exfoliating too often, so ease back soldier. On the other hand, if the skin on your face lacks lustre and appears dull, increase the frequency of your exfoliation.   Complexion Polish is gentle enough that most people can handle using it once a week.

The Finish

After exfoliation we recommend feeding the skin some intense nutrients, found in our Love Your Face Serum.


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