Remedy-Set-Go - Natural Skincare Trial Pack

Our Remedy, Set, Go! Pack is your complete facial skincare routine, enriched with intelligent, healing essential oils, which feed your skin with all the goodies it really, really wants.

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  • Trial size key facial products allow you to test out the range
  • 100% natural so you can transition your skincare away from toxins
  • Natural remedies that work with your skin so you can improve skin issues irritated by conventional products
  • Healing formulas to cleanse, tone and hydrate your face

This pocket rocket pack is the perfect way to trial a whole new, all natural, toxic free skincare routine and see just how smooth, soothed and happy your skin can really be.

Each product in this pack is a formulation of carefully chosen essential oils and natural ingredients renowned for their hydrating, repairing and soothing properties, blended to a concentration that deeply penetrates to give maximum benefit to your skin cells. 

Your toxin free skincare life starts here! A perfect starter pack for teenage skincare as well.

Pregnancy safe: Safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. All quantities of essential oils are well below the required amounts deemed safe to use whilst pregnant and breastfeeding. We do recommend a patch test as you may be more sensitive when pregnant.

Made with love in Australia.
Vegan, cruelty free, with no added water or fillers.
Don’t just take our word for it, check the reviews below.

What’s in it?

1 x Cleanse My Face 5ml / 0.17fl. oz – Our deeply calming oil cleanser uses 14 remedial oils to target impurities held deep within your skin. It effortlessly removes makeup and dirt without disturbing your skins natural oil balance.

1 x Complexion Polish 5g / 0.17 oz – Rice powder, Argan Shell Powder and Myrrh Powder are just some of the ancient ingredients in our Complexion Polish that help to even skin tone, increase circulation and cell activity plus stimulate collagen production.

1 x Hydrate My Face 15ml / 0.50fl. oz – This botanical hydration and toning mist uses pure Grapefruit and Chamomile Floral Water to calm and hydrate the skin, Witch Hazel to tone and re-balance, plus the pure organic essential oils of Lavender and Mandarin to leave the skin supple and energised.

1 x Love Your Face Serum 5ml / 0.17fl. oz – An indulgent anti-ageing, deeply penetrative, skin boosting, super hydrating, plumping face serum. This incredibly luxurious serum continues to nourish and protect your delicate facial skin all day whilst still allowing it to breathe.

For full ingredient information, please refer to the relevant product page.
How to use me

Step 1. Cleanse - Rinse the pure muslin cloth in warm water and hold it to your face to gently loosen impurities. Massage a little of the light aromatic Cleanse My Face oil into your skin for 1 minute. Inhale the relaxing scents. Wipe gently with warm cloth.

Step 2. Exfoliate - Mix a small amount of Complexion Polish with a little Cleanse My Face oil (or water). As you gently massage it over your face, 14 therapeutic oils are working to remove toxin build up and refine your skin.

Step 3. Tone - Spritzing your face with our expertly blended botanical mist Hydrate My Face will soften, tone and plump your skin, prepping it for Step 4. The light mist invigorates your senses providing a surge of well-being.

Step 4. Moisturise - Love Your Face Serum is a super-hydrating, deep penetrating serum delivering an intense moisture boost. Just a few concentrated drops spread evenly over your face morning and night will lead to noticeably healthier, firmer skin with a natural glow.

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews

I've been a long time user of the classic axilla paste and love it. However, trying these oil based face cleansing products, I was a huge sceptic. I am pleased to say I was pleasantly surprised with the way the products transformed my combination skin. My face has less breakouts, pores look smaller, and skin feels great.
I have since purchased the full sized products and am once again a black chicken convert.
Love, Love, Love!!!

Mel S.
Very good set for trialling

This set was perfect for testing each product in the skincare regime, with one small digression - even with me using fewer drops of cleaner than recommended, it still ran out quicker than the other products. It would be good to have a slightly larger capacity included in the trial kit just to match the amounts recommended. I was happy with the performance of the products and purchased the full sized versions; my skin is clearer and glowy. Texture is more prominent, though; I will have to look and see whether there are any products for plumping up ageing skin to reduce appearance of pores and uneven texture.

Lynn P.
Great sample pack

I love to try products to make sure they are suitable for my skin. Have never used a cleansing oil, but I really like it. My only negative was that the daily moisturiser seemed to be much less than other bottles contained.
Lovely product.

Nicole M.

Love this pack, my skin feels so good after following the regime

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