Congestion Relief Pack

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Detoxify your body whilst clearing congestion and easing body aches

Say goodbye to aching joints, stiff muscles and congested airways while saying hello to a more relaxed, re-energised and clearer breathing you!

Our Congestion Relief pack is the perfect healing companion designed to take the stress away from your achy, congested body. Armed with some of our favourite products that work at reducing inflammation, boosting your immune system and clearing out congestion - you will be on your way to recovery in no time. Soothe the area around your nose with our Balm of Ages all-purpose balm.

Reducing the toxic load during sickness is the perfect place to start your natural journey. It’s also the perfect gift for someone that isn’t feeling their usually bright and bubbly self!

What’s in it?

Respire Immersion Bath + Foot Soak – This therapeutic soak helps ease aches associated with colds and congestion, assists to open the nasal passages for easier breathing, helps combat infection and boost immunity, reduces inflammation through assisting in the relaxation of stiff muscles and aiding sleep and is a powerful detoxifier and assists with rehydration

Respire nasalette – A blend of pure healing essential oils with powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and clear airways and strengthen the immune system in our portable nasalalette case.

Balm of ages - mini – This multi-remedial balm will help deeply nourish, restore and protect skin and soothes dry, itchy and irritated skin around the nose from too many tissues

Key Ingredients + Benefits

Respire Immersion Bath + Foot Soak: 

Epsom Salts - Soothe your aching muscles, reduce inflammation and relax tired and stiff muscles. Himalayan Pink Salt + Dead Sea Salts - powerful detoxifiers and energy resorting agents.

Respire Nasalette: 

Oregano & Menthol - work as natural immune boosters to help your body combat cold & flu symptoms. Present in both Immersion + Nasalette. Peppermint & Menthol - open up the airways and allow an almost immediate relief of congestion. Present in both Immersion + Nasalette.

Balm of Ages: 

Sea Buckthorn - an ancient Chinese remedy for extreme dryness, redness and swelling is the perfect ingredient to help regenerate raw skin from too many tissues! Shea Butter - Relieve sore and dry skin around your nose through the anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties of Shea Butter.

How to use me

Run yourself a nice warm bath and place 4 teaspoons of our Immersion Bath + Foot Soak into the bath. Let your body become engulfed in the healing waters, initiating relaxation and regeneration. Soak for around 20 minutes to give oils, salts and crystals time to relax your achy body, boost your immunity + clear your congestion. Emerge from the bath feeling re-energised and relaxed.

Outside your soaking time use the Respire Nasalette every 2-3 hours to clear airways and boost the immune system.

Last, but not least - keep your skin deeply nourished and protected (especially that nose!) with our Balm of Ages. It can be used anywhere you need it for healing or nourishment. Just mind those eyes.


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