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Why you should use Dry Shampoo?

Less Shampoo = Healthier Hair

Traditional shampoos contain harsh chemicals that can strip your hair of its natural oils, leading to dryness, greasiness, and other issues. Using dry shampoo reduces the frequency of washing, which helps maintain the natural balance of oils in your hair.

Regulates Oil Production

Washing your hair too frequently can stimulate your scalp to produce more oil, leading to a cycle of over-washing. Dry shampoo helps absorb excess oil, allowing you to go longer between washes and regulate oil production.

Convenience / Saves Time

Dry shampoo is quick and easy to use, saving you time and effort. It doesn't require water, so you can use it anywhere, anytime. This makes it super convenient for travelling (HINT: our natural product does not contain aerosol)

Adds Volume & Texture

Dry shampoo can add volume and texture to your hair, making it easier to style. It's especially beneficial for fine or thin hair that tends to become flat and lifeless.

Prevents Premature Greying

By reducing the use of harsh chemicals found in traditional shampoos, dry shampoo can help maintain the vibrancy and health of your hair, potentially delaying the onset of premature greying.

It's natural for your hair to be slightly oily, but dry shampoo allows you to manage the amount of oil and increase time between washes.

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Why you should use a Natural Dry Shampoo

Many dry shampoos still come in a spray can and that means something like Butane, Propane or Isobutane is needed to make it spray. These things are highly toxic to your body! They also use powders like Talc as the active ingredient. Talc does a good job of absorbing moisture, however long term use of Talc has been under investigation to have an increased risk of cancers including lung cancer (from inhalation) and ovarian cancer (for women who use talc in sensitive areas).

Additionally, aerosol dry shampoos often contain benzene, a known carcinogen that can cause serious health issues such as damage to DNA, respiratory problems, and immune system impairment. Benzene exposure is particularly concerning for children and pregnant women.

Natural dry shampoos, on the other hand, are free from these harmful chemicals, making them a safer and healthier alternative for both you and the environment.

Why is regular shampooing is bad?

Every time you wash your hair, the foaming agents and chemicals in shampoos strip away natural oils from the hair follicle. When this happens, the body is less able to defend itself from toxins that enter via the skin layer. What’s more, the immune system is under pressure to produce more oil to prevent your hair from becoming dry and brittle. Enter more oil, followed by more shampoo and toxins, and so the vicious cycle continues! Even replacing just one wash per week with dry shampoo will help support your delicate immune system i.e. keep you healthy!

Switching to Black Chicken Remedies Natural Dry Shampoo is a smart, healthy choice for your hair.

Make the better choice!

Unlike mainstream options that can contain harmful chemicals like talc and benzene, our product offers a natural, non-toxic alternative. Formulated with bamboo powder, fossil shell powder, clary sage, and rosemary, it absorbs excess oil, leaving hair looking healthy and voluminous.

It also helps regulate sebum production, fights dandruff, and stimulates hair growth. Make the better choice for your hair care routine with our Natural Dry Shampoo.

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How to use our Natural Dry Shampoo?

Step 1

Seperate the hair into sections. Note: For short hair this may not be possible and this is okay.

Step 2

Sprinkle a small amount of dry shampoo powder onto the scalp. Tip: You can use a flat paddle brush to sprinkle the dry shampoo onto and brush through your hair.

Step 3

Gently massage for 1 minute into the scalp.

Step 4

Comb or brush out excess through the length of your hair if required.

Make the switch to toxin free dry shampoo today!

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Customer love for Natural Dry Shampoo

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Works So Well!

I’ve tried a few different powder dry shampoos and they all have been a bit hit and miss, but this stuff is amazing! Works so well and spreads through my hair so easily! Definitely worth a try if you’ve been disappointed with dry shampoos before!



Makes every other similar product I’ve ever tried seem so inferior. Gives body to straight, lifeless hair and enables me to go for days without hair washing (was needing to wash daily prior to using this product).

Erica K.

Best Dry Shampoo...

Best dry shampoo in the market if you ask me. Not only does it smell incredible, but it works so well. I have brown hair, yet it leaves no white residue and makes my hair perk right up. Less water, less shampoo, and more volume. Obsessed.

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