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Formulated to help soothe and strengthen sensitive skin and highly effective at neutralising odour without the use of harmful chemicals.

We Don’t mean to brag, but…


"I will never use another deodorant again"

I actually had a panic attack the other day at the thought of Axilla Deodorant ever being discontinued! I have tried so many other natural and supermarket deodorants before in the search for an aluminium free product and have never been satisfied.

Anna Stelter


This exquisitely scented, easily absorbed body oil is one of the best products I have used on my body. As an added bonus I have been using it on folliculitis (hair follicles which become infected and create sore, hard to shift red bumps) under my breasts and it has worked amazingly – no further outbreaks and the ones that are there (and usually leave a welt/scar) are diminishing – fabulous!

Kirsty C.

"I freakin’ love this stuff!"

Not only does it contain amazing healing ingredients it smells gorgeous and keeps you moisturised round the clock. I have sampled this on my hair and cuticles and can report it works an absolute treat.

Priya Sonn, UK Beauty Blogger

"I love this product."

I use it instead of moisturiser, as I don’t feel I need that too. My skin is so much better and it feels really light on my skin which I love, it only takes a couple of drops, so the little bottle lasts for ages.


"Black Chicken where have you been all my life?"

For 30 years I have had sensitive skin prone to breakouts and uneven skin tone. But after 2 days of using Cleansing My Face and Love Your Face Serum I could stop even wearing makeup! Has been 2 months now of clear skin. Love this stuff!!!


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