Black Chicken Remedies Recycling program

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Every day in our society we are increasingly making a negative impact on our environment through large amounts of waste ending up in waterways, oceans and landfill; so here at Black Chicken Remedies we have decided to make a positive change and are now partnering with TerraCycle to reduce our impact. Customers will be able to return their used containers for a $10 e-gift card to use on the Black Chicken Remedies website.

Black Chicken Remedies - TerraCycle recycling program

1. Collect and pack

2. Send

3. Recycle

4. Get rewarded

1. Collect and pack

When separating all your everyday recycling material e.g. cardboard, paper wrapping, glass bottles, PET plastic, tins etc see which of your Black Chicken Remedies containers and packing material you can recycle and put these into your local council recycling bins.

Now with any left over items place these in one of our shipping boxes or another suitable box to send to us.

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2. Send

Inside your box put a piece of paper with your full name and email address and send to our warehouse via Australia Post or using your preferred courier. Then email us at to let us know you are sending us some recycling.

Send to:

Black Chicken Remedies - Recycling Program

Unit 24, 198-222 Young Street,

Waterloo NSW 2017

How to

3. Recycle

Once Black Chicken Remedies receive your recyclable containers, we separate and collate these until we have a large quantity to return to TerraCycle. Once these are returned to TerraCycle they repurpose these materials by the melting down of plastic into new everyday products such as recycled bins, benches etc.

About Terracycle

4. Get rewarded

Once your containers are returned to Black Chicken Remedies, we will email you a $10 e-gift card to say THANK YOU for reducing your carbon footprint.

How to claim my reward

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How to pack and send:

How to claim my reward:

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