Honour Life

At Black Chicken Remedies we honour life.

At Black Chicken Remedies we honour all life. We honour you. Every ingredient in our products is designed to complement your body’s own healing intelligence. Our products are enhanced by the power of intention. As you apply them, hold in your mind the intention you most desire for your body. Allow body, mind and spirit to be strengthened by your positive thoughts and thoughtful actions. Our products are 100% natural, contain certified organic ingredients and are free of chemicals, fillers, perfumes and dyes. Honour your body, respect yourself, and work with the healing intelligence we all possess.

Black Chicken Remedies and sacred traditions

The inspiration for the name Black Chicken Remedies is drawn from legend. Sacred traditions throughout the world have revered the role of the wise woman, shaman and community healer, someone with a special gift for understanding nature’s balms and healing remedies. We pay homage to the healers, men and women, of every sacred tradition that respects the vital forces of nature and life everywhere in all its forms.

We honour creatures of the air, of the ocean and of the land

When products are free of toxins, they are harm free. We believe the more we respect and honour mother nature and all the earth’s inhabitants, the more effort will go into growing and protecting our precious natural resources. You have the power to effect change for good every time you make a choice. Supporting brands that enhance your wellbeing and that of the planet is a wiser long-term investment for all of us. As inhabitants and custodians, we need to promote awareness of our responsibility to this wonderful planet, our home. We need to choose wisely.

Every choice has consequences

Choosing Skincare your Body can Trust ™ is an effective way to reduce the toxic load on your body, your organs and bloodstream. It means less pressure for the body to cope with and more vitality so you can do more, feel more, live more. Choose with care. Live wisely and well.