Become a Fan of The Bearded Man with Black Chicken Remedies Beard Oil

Bearded men are everywhere. And while many guys are sporting super-hot looks not all beards are kind to women’s sensitive skin or their own.

Beard rash can be a touchy issue, yet it’s easily remedied by applying Black Chicken Remedies Beard Oil.

3 Reasons Why Beard Conditioning is Essential:

Beard grooming is more than aesthetics. When guys overlook conditioning their beard they lose out too.

  1. An unconditioned beard leaves skin beneath the beard susceptible to dehydration and as the skin gets dryer it becomes increasingly itchy and irritated. (Beardruff)
  2. If left untreated the skin can become vulnerable to more serious skin conditions, like eczema.
  3. Unconditioned hair follicles are weaker and brittle and develop into beard frizz.

By regularly applying conditioning oil, moisture is restored and the beard is strengthened to feel softer and smoother to touch.

The lightweight formula of Jojoba, Camellia Tea and Grapeseed oils deeply penetrates the hair follicles to the skin beneath. The essential oils of Cedarwood, Petitgrain and Lime act to cool, deodorise and soothe irritations associated with beardruff.

When the men in your life are using Black Chicken Remedies H.I.S Face and Beard Oil you’ll be a fan of the bearded man too.

Buy Black Chicken Remedies H.I.S Face and Beard Oil now – The ultimate beard taming formula.


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