Discover the Breakthrough Benefits of using a Dry Powder Face Mask

Discover the Breakthrough Benefits of using a Dry Powder Face Mask

Everyone’s skin can use a little extra care outside of a day to day cleanse, tone and moisturise routine.

Your skin needs a deeper cleaning and nourishing treatment at least once a week to combat the pollution and toxins of our environment and lifestyle.

Lots of us have experienced at some point how much better a facemask can make us look and feel, but what’s less known by most folks, is why you should be choosing a dry powder mask over more traditional liquid versions. Let us give you the 411…

We created a dry (powder) mask for some important reasons. Clay becomes active when you add water to it, which is why you only add the water when you’re about to use it. Because our Cacao Revelation Mask doesn’t contain any liquid, it doesn’t need any preservatives, how good is that!…

“When you’re deep cleaning your skin it doesn’t make sense to introduce more toxins does it?!

What’s cool about the white kaolin clay in the mask, is that clay on your skin is like Dyson suction to a shag pile; it has the oomph to draw out impurities well below what’s visible on the surface of your skin and help dislodge dirt from deep in your pores. Using a mask occasionally to address skin problems is a good idea, but using it weekly to prevent breakouts and maintain vibrant skin health is even better.

When the other key ingredients - pink kaolin clay and raw organic cacao come together as well they have the healing power to deliver a powerful deep cleanse and refinement of your skin. The clay works to detox and the cocoa delivers an impressive amount of antioxidants; together they work to reduce inflammation, stimulate circulation, treat acne, and soothe irritation resulting in a smoother and more radiant look. The combination of ingredients in the Cacao Revelation Mask has been formulated to help breakthrough the cycle of problem skin addressing oily, dry or acne prone areas.

Why a Face Mask Should Be in Your Weekly Routine

Having uneven and dull skin can be frustrating to solve. But did you know it could be improved by regular use of a deep cleansing mask?

Our Cacao Revelation Mask was formulated to do just that. Having a daily face cleansing regime is important for achieving clear skin, but to achieve glowing and smooth complexion… you need to mask up weekly!

What using a mask can do, that daily cleansing can’t.

The hero ingredient in Cacao Revelation Mask is Cacao, which works to detoxify and brighten the skin. Other hard working ingredients like White and Pink Kaolin clay powerfully draw impurities and grime from the deeper layers of the skin where your daily cleansing regime just can’t reach.

Why our mask is in a powder state, and is cleaner than most pre-mixed liquid masks.

Our mask comes in a powder state so it’s fresh and clean. To activate the powerful ingredients in the mask, you simply add enough water to mix the powder to the paste-like consistency. This gives you the ability to customise your mask to the level cleanse you want or the sensitivity of your skin. Leave for 20 minutes to dry and then wash off, it's that easy.

When your skin needs a deep cleanse, it doesn’t make sense to burden it with un-necessary preservatives, typically needed in many liquid masks. That’s why we’ve combined the most effective and cleansing natural ingredients to help you achieve smoother, cleaner and brighter skin.

It only takes 20 minutes to start revealing smoother, brighter and clearer skin.

How to Use Our Cacao Revelation Mask


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