7 critical facts about the skin under your eyes

7 critical facts about the skin under your eyes
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ICU - Intensive Care Eye Serum

Did you wake up this morning and look in the mirror and think who is that?

Where did those lines around my eyes come from? Were they there yesterday? What can I do now? The skin around your eyes is different from the rest of your face... It needs a intensive care.

Here are 7 facts you need to know:

  1. The eye area is lacking in oil glands that help keep this skin moist so we need to use products that help hydrate the drier eye skin and help it to look smoother. Antioxidant ingredients assist in retaining collagen in the skin.
  2. The skin under your eyes is thinner (it can be upto 10 times thinner than the skin on the rest of your face). It shows signs of aging more quickly and it’s much more delicate and vulnerable than the rest of your face.
  3. As you age this delicate skin around your eyes get even thinner due to a loss of collagen and elastin.
  4. The skin around the eyes is being used constantly - every time you smile or squint or blink. Over time we develop small wrinkles (Crow's feet).
  5. There are many capillaries in this area that can lead to puffiness if fluid builds up there. Allergies and sinus problems can cause this too. The thinner skin makes this more prominent.
  6. Many facial products contain ingredients that irritate the eye area such as added sunscreen so using a separate eye cream can be gentler on your eyes.
  7. Dark circles and puffiness could be a sign of toxic overload. Traditional Chinese Medicine says this area relates to your kidneys. Your organs may be overloaded dealing with toxins. Adequate sleep and water can help but it may go deeper.

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This is why we have developed our ICU Intensive care eye serum. Our potent serum contains a blend of natural oils, including cucumber seed oil, that restore moisture and elasticity, whilst stimulating blood circulation and removing toxins and free radicals, which creates an overall effect of hydration, elasticity and improved appearance of fine lines and dark circles.

“There are many capillaries in this area that can lead to puffiness if fluid builds up there. Allergies and sinus problems can cause this too. The thinner skin makes this more prominent.”

Featured Product

What We Love About ICU - Intensive Care Eye Serum:

Our award-winning Green Coffee seed infused Eye Serum with rollerball applicator, delivers a luxurious lightweight feeling that quickly penetrates to target and protect against fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, bags, and sag around the eye area.

  • Specialised care for around the eyes where the skin is 7-10x thinner than on the rest of the face
  • Visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Antioxidant rich Green Coffee seed extract helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles
  • Restores and retains moisture around the eye area
  • Improves elasticity and cell regeneration

ICU Intensive care eye serum has the following ingredients to provide extra hydration and nutrients to this delicate skin area:

Milk Thistle*
A powerful antioxidant that soothes and moistens the skin.
Cucumber Seed Oil
Restores moisture improves elasticity.
Anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that calm the skin.
Rose Geranium
Helps keep the skin supple.
Vitamin e oil
Powerful antioxidant, helps keep the skin tight and firm.
Chia seed oil*
Combat free-radical damage and protect against the signs of ageing.
Green coffee seed oil*
Moisturises to stop sagging.
• Certified organic ingredients

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