Love Your Face Pack - Natural Skincare Pack

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Time to transition to toxic free. Natural is always best, so if you’re thinking twice about all the harmful chemicals on your face we’ve got a skin care pack to help kick that nasty habit.

  • Effective and Luxurious 4 step skincare routine for your face
  • 100% natural so you can transition your skincare away from toxins
  • Natural remedies that work with your skin so you can improve skin issues irritated by conventional products
  • Australian made and vegan
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Customer Reviews

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Sarah R.
Skincare perfection

Simple , clean products . Easy and effective routine that keeps my skin clean, hydrated and clear. Everything smells divine too .. bonus

I feel like I’ve tried everything and this is it for me

After spending A LOT of money at my local beauty salon trying to stop my adult acne (I’m talking buying expensive products and regular facial treatments!!!), I gave eventually it up due to the excessive spending. I didn’t have a solution for my skin problems but had this idea that the “do nothing” approach might work.
I noticed I was getting really dry skin coming into this winter. So I searched for some oil-based products. Black chicken deodorant paste has never let me down and I’ve used their Hair Om and oil perfumes before. I thought I’d go with who I know and tried the Love Your Face sample pack for a bargain (under $20 I think).
I think it took a week or two for my skin to get back into its normal rhythm but wow! My acne started easing off, my skin felt pretty hydrated (brought it back from feeling scaley particularly around my neck).
Fast forward over 2 months and my skin is the BEST it’s been in such a long time. I don’t know what to put it down to except that maybe these products are gentle and support the normal skin function rather than trying to push it do more or be more than it’s supposed to.
The oil cleanser is fantastic for these winter months. It lifts dust (I work on a big earthworks job at the moment) and make up (I also used a really oily skin tone zinc or a SPF foundation) right off with a bit of help from a face cloth - any old wash cloth as long as it’s not too rough.
I spritz my face and oil up using the Love Your Face and Nocturnalist Night Serum. I actually bought the Nocturnalist Night Serum in addition to the full pack because my skin was getting too dry for Love Your Face alone to handle just with my current job and me being exposed to wind and sun all day most days).
But wow I cannot recommend enough. I’m really, really, REALLY happy with these products.
I am interested to see how I go in summer when it becomes humid and hot though.

Beautiful products that are reasonably priced & don’t contain toxins

Don’t know why I haven’t found these products before, have been using the deodorant last for a number of years but I had no idea there was a skin/body/hair range. Cannot recommend these products enough, so happy I have found these products that feel & work amazingly plus they are toxins free. Absolutely love Black Chicken Remedies.

Great for mature skin type

I'm very happy with the Black Chicken products. I'm in my early 50s with problem skin and have struggled to find face products that don't dry my face out. Black Chicken has helped my skin feel normal again. I intend to continue to use these products indefinitely and would highly recommend.

Regina L.
Love your face

Absolutely love your face pack have very sensitive skin but this goes on a dream, skin has changed a fair bit with aging plus Chemotherapy but these products and love your body oil have been the best

Natural skincare value pack, Australian made

Love Your Face Pack - Natural Skincare Pack

How to use me

Step 1. Cleanse - Rinse the pure muslin cloth in warm water and hold it to your face to gently loosen impurities. Massage a little of the light aromatic Cleanse My Face oil into your skin for 1 minute. Inhale the relaxing scents. Wipe gently with warm cloth.

Step 2. Exfoliate - Mix a small amount of Complexion Polish with a little Cleanse My Face oil (or water). As you gently massage it over your face, 14 therapeutic oils are working to remove toxin build up and refine your skin.

Step 3. Tone - Spritzing your face with our expertly blended botanical mist Hydrate My Face will soften, tone and plump your skin, prepping it for Step 4. The light mist invigorates your senses providing a surge of well-being.

Step 4. Moisturise - Love Your Face Serum is a super-hydrating, deep penetrating serum delivering an intense moisture boost. Just a few concentrated drops spread evenly over your face morning and night will lead to noticeably healthier, firmer skin with a natural glow.

Natural skincare value pack, Australian made
Love Your Face Pack - Natural Skincare Pack Sale price$179.00