Travel Skincare Kit - Natural Skincare Pack

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A surprisingly beautiful way to travel

The ultimate 7-in-1 natural skincare essentials. For everyone who wants to arrive looking and feeling better than when they set out, these Black Chicken Remedies face and body products will keep you feeling fabulous from head to toe.

Whether you’re crossing the globe or crossing the city, you’ll love the mind and body benefits of our Travel Skincare Kit.


What's in it?

Cleanse My Face 5ml – deeply calming, aromatic oil cleanser.

Complexion Polish 5g – award winning exfoliator to remove toxins and refine skin.

Hydrate My Face 15ml – refreshing botanical toning mist.

Love Your Face Serum 5ml – super hydrating, deeply penetrating serum.

Balm of Ages™ 10g – multi-purpose natural balm soothes, heals and protects.

Love Your Body Oil 15ml – powerful surge of ultra-hydration.

Axilla Deodorant Paste™ 15g – super effective, long-lasting all natural deodorant.

Remedial Benefits

NOW you can take your favourite remedies out on the road and rest easy that it is safely all contained in your BCR travel bag. You can also add some things of your own to make your travel toiletries complete!

Customer Reviews

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Love that travel pack

The travel pack is really convenient . Great size for my carry on luggage . Love the products

I haven’t opened mine yet as I am planning to ...

I haven’t opened mine yet as I am planning to take it to Costa Rica with me. I have the serums, the oils and the deodorant paste so I am sure this will be great to take. The size is perfect for traveling (I was a travel guide in Central America), the less you take the better. Looking forward to the next trip.

Awesome travel kit! I professionally drive so it’s important to ...

Awesome travel kit! I professionally drive so it’s important to downsize my toiletry kit. This travel kit is perfectly sized and allows me to still properly care for my skin as busy as I am 24/7. The bag securely holds the bottles and has room for my oral drops and toothbrush (zipper doesn’t close with my full-sized toothbrush). I just started using the underarm deodorant, so I’ll publish my review in a week. The toner is gentle! This is my first time using it. All other skincare products, including the balm, I’ve used before and my skin loves them! In one use, my seborrheic dermatitis that started creeping into my hairline, eyebrows, and around my nose went away. The rough red dry patches from neglect went away after the first use. The essential oils smell fresh and pretty (aromatherapy effects!). Thank you for great products! I’ll stock up on full sizes to keep my travel kit filled.