How the Scent of An Essential Oil Perfume Is Good for You

There’s so much more to aromatherapy than the extraordinary scents a wide range of oils produce. Did you know that at the first hint of a scent, our bodies are actually taking in and absorbing the molecules?

And it’s not just the olfactory system at work. The many ways in which our brains interpret different scents stretch far beyond our everyday understanding. It’s a complex system of sensory perceptions and the release of chemicals into the bloodstream, which are then able to directly impact other parts of our brains and our bodies.

So it’s really not all that surprising to learn that expert aromatherapy blends, with the goodness of 100% natural essential oils, can powerfully affect the wellbeing and health of our bodies as well as our minds. It might sound like magic, and it is – our own deep brain magic.

It’s good to know that we can develop our skills in this area of smell sensitivity and receptivity. We can encourage stronger and more potent reactions to aromatherapy by increasing our own awareness of the scents we choose to surround ourselves with. Our full awareness increases our sensitivity and multiplies the benefits.

So much has been written about aromatherapy and you’ll see many claims about which herbs are effective remedies. It can be daunting for any of us to know which combination of essential oils produce the most beneficial effects. At Black Chicken Remedies, we’ve done the hard work for you, researching, selecting and carefully blending by hand.

#1 Transcendence Essential Oil Perfume is one of many Black Chicken Remedies products with our signature blend of concentrated perfume oils distilled from plant essences. Use it with full awareness and full enjoyment. From the Earth’s goodness, into our pots, into your hands.


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