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Transcendence – Your Personal Pocket Mood Enhancer

Transcendence – Your Personal Pocket Mood Enhancer

Have you noticed how a fragrance can smell good for a few seconds then release an unnatural chemical odour as it warms on your skin? Ever started sneezing or got a headache from working close to someone who wears synthetic fragrances?

Protected by ‘trade secrets’, perfume manufacturers can add synthetic chemicals listed only as “Fragrance”. But when you choose a completely toxin-free, all essential oil perfume, you know exactly what you’re putting onto your skin.

That’s why we first developed our Love Your Smell essential oil perfume. If you’re looking for an alternative to those eye-watering synthetic fragrances, it’s back in stock now with a new name, a new look and all the same good stuff!

Transcendence #1 Essential Oil Perfume is our signature blend of exquisite, highly-concentrated remedial essential oils. Delivering balmy serenity with a hint of intrigue, it takes you straight to the place where the heart-smiles start.

It’s a personal pocket mood enhancer, but expert aromatherapy blends can also powerfully affect the wellbeing of our bodies. Warmth activates the layers of essential perfume oils, so roll it on to pulse points and… breathe.

Totally unisex, Transcendence #1 Essential Oil Perfume responds to individual body temperature and biochemistry. You and your partner can both enjoy a warm melding of body tones, pheromones and revitalising transcendence.

Because it’s designed with natural ingredients to benefit the body and mind (not the surrounding five kilometres), the scent of Transcendence will last longer when your skin is well hydrated and exfoliated – that’s the secret to extend the scent of essential oil perfumes. But, the joy of reapplying it during the day and feeling the stress lift away is kind of the point!

To enhance the specific scent of Transcendence exfoliate with Love Your Body Polish and nourish your skin with Love Your Body Oil, both of which carry the same divine perfume notes.

Transcendence #1 Essential Oil Perfume contains no alcohol, synthetic fragrances or colour, phthalates, parabens or any other chemical nasties. It’s good for you, good for those around you.


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