How to Make the Switch to Natural Deodorant

Axilla Deodorant Paste™ user tips – what to do, what not to do …

With so many people choosing Axilla Deodorant Paste™, we know two things for sure – we’ve got something right and we’ve got something you want!

Maybe you haven’t tried it yet? Maybe you’re not sure if you’re using it properly? Relax. All the rocket science (and a whole lotta love!) went into making Axilla. Using it is easy.

Because switching to natural is so important, we’ve put together some tips to help you get the best possible Axilla experience.

Antiperspirant chemicals stop us sweating. Sweating helps us regulate temperature, expel toxins and maintain a healthy immune system.

We like sweat! Axilla won’t stop you sweating. What it does do is neutralise the effects of busy little bacteria so you’ll smell fresh all day.

  • Making the switch from chemical-laden sprays and roll-ons is simple for most people but each body is different and just occasionally some pits need a week or so to adjust and get with the game.
  • As soon as your skin gets a whiff of the good stuff, it’s bye-bye baby to chemical nasties. For some of us, this can trigger a pit detox, releasing clogged toxins as your pores relax and do their thing. Body odour might be stronger than usual. Help it along by working up more of a sweat and drinking plenty of water to flush those toxins. Eat well, and wisely. And maybe cut back on caffeine and alcohol at this time.
  • Using approximately a pea-size amount, it’s best to apply Axilla gently with circular motions on slightly damp skin. Allow the paste to melt into your pits as it warms. It should dissolve quickly and disappear completely. If you can still see it, you’ve used too much – this can cause irritation and may also discolour your clothes. Hairy pits will need more patient attention.
  • If there’s some tenderness or even a slight rash, smoothing on coconut oil or Balm of Ages™ at night and before applying Axilla in the morning can help your skin adjust in these early days. (Please note: if irritation persists, it’s just possible you’re one of the tiny minority with an allergy to bicarb. Sorry – you’ll need to stop using it.)
  • And oh yes, please, PLEASE don’t apply Axilla straight after shaving! Shave at night instead. Applying straight after shaving can irritate the extra-sensitive skin. (If you absolutely have to do it, try a thin layer of coconut oil before using the paste.)
  • There’s no need to reapply Axilla during the day. We know customers who go 48 hours with fresh pits even after gym workouts and travelling. And using antiperspirants to top it up is not only unnecessary, it kind of defeats the purpose, don’t you think??

So give those chemical nasties the finger. Make peace with your pits and trust Axilla to help your body do what it needs to do. You’ll feel fresh and clean all day and longer, and you’ll smell great too.


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