What you need to know about skin protection in winter

There’s nothing we can do about winter except enjoy the best of it – but there’s a lot we can do to reduce its potential to damage our skin.

We put the heater on in our cars, homes and offices. We go out into cold winds and low temperatures, and often low humidity as well. Did you know that these factors can lead to more than a 10% moisture loss in your skin?

Winter conditions can cause accelerated loosening of the lipid barrier on unprotected skin, leading to drying, tightening and reddening. Read more about winter skin here.

Those cooler temps can also make it very tempting to turn up the heat in the shower, but it’s a fact that too much hot water can strip the skin of its natural oils. It’s far better for our skin if we keep the water temperature moderately lukewarm and keep the showers short. Exfoliating with expertly combined natural ingredients and therapeutic essential oils gives us even more of an energy boost!

So how can you support your skin for the challenges winter brings? A super hydrating body oil applied daily after showering is your strongest line of defence. A deep penetrating, skin boosting combination of therapeutic natural oils can support and maintain the skin’s precious lipid layer, helping to seal moisture in and keep winter out. We developed our Love Your Body Oil to give you the very best year-round natural hydration and protection.


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