Respire Nasalette™ Natural Essential Oil Inhaler

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Experience the soothing relief of our pocket-sized essential oil inhaler. It provides on-the-go relief for cold and flu symptoms, as well as hay fever and seasonal allergies. When faced with a blocked nose, our Nasalette™ acts as a breath of fresh air, reducing congestion and promoting easier breathing.

  • Antibacterial blend: Acts as a natural sinus remedy, soothing and clearing airways.
  • Hay fever relief: A natural hay fever relief, providing respite from seasonal allergies.
  • Congestion relief: An effective blocked nose home remedy, reducing congestion.
  • Immune booster: Strengthens the immune system with sinus essential oils.
  • Mood-lifting: The blend includes Eucalyptus and Peppermint, known to clear the head and lift the mood.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Lovely product

Although this inhaler is designed to clear blocked noses, I was keen to smell it as soon as it arrived. It's gentle yet powerful, and a lovely mix of different oils, though the peppermint is the most apparent (to me). It now sits on my desk and is so lovely, I usually give it a whiff a few times every day, even when I'm not blocked. I occasionally get allergies and find it helps clear me.

Lovely - fragrant and not overpowering

The Respire Nasalette is not as over-powering as other nasal inhalers I've tried, and I know it's much healthier for me, so I can sniff away guilt-free. Although I'm not currently congested (so am not able to account for its efficacy, though other reviews say it works well), I didn't want to wait to try it. It's so nice, it's now sitting on my desk where I'll be sniffing it regularly :-)


This is so soothing & opens up the airways only problem was opening the gorgeous little box it comes in....but well worth the effort....Thank you !

Christine K.
Clear and clean

There are inhalers and then there are natural This, it is under my pillow for when I wake up feeling congested

Wai F.
Love this product

Very good for clearing congestion, wonderful natural product!

Essential oil inhaler to relieve congestion, headaches and sinus problems

Respire Nasalette™ Natural Essential Oil Inhaler

How to use me

  • Place the personal inhaler tip just below your nostril. Do not insert it into the nostril.
  • Close off the other nostril with one finger.
  • Slowly inhale to a count of 5 with full awareness of the remedial scents, then slowly exhale.
  • Repeat with the other nostril. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times.
  • You can use your personal inhaler every 2-3 hours.
    Essential oil inhaler to relieve congestion, headaches and sinus problems