Sisal Soap Saver Bag

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Our eco-friendly Sisal Soap Saver Bag is a natural exfoliating pouch that helps to extend the life of your soap and shampoo/conditioner bars. Made from 100% natural sisal fibres, a soft yet strong and durable material derived from agave plants, this reusable soap pouch offers a variety of benefits:

  • The mesh design allows water to drain away, keeping soap fresher and longer lasting
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable bag makes this the perfect reusable natural sisal soap holder
  • Great for storing soap or shampoo/conditioner, helping to extend their life and reduce waste
  • The textured sisal fibres act as an exfoliator, massaging and stimulating circulation while creating a rich lather
  • An alternative to a plastic loofah, simply add your soap into the bag and lather up
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Customer Reviews

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Emily M.
nice bag

It softens over time (been using it for a month so far). I like that it allows the soap to dry, and keeps the bars usable when they get really small.

Brilliant for wxfoliating

Didn’t think Black Chicken could get better ,,, but it does. This little bag is perfect for longevity of soap and to exfoliate as you lather. Love, love love it. Will buy one for every 2 or 3 D-Bars… a new favourite.

100% Sisal Soap Saver Bag

Sisal Soap Saver Bag

How to use me

To use the Sisal Soap Saver Bag for exfoliating face and body:

  • Place your soap bar or pieces of soap inside the pouch and securely close with the drawstring
  • Pour some water on the bag, lather it up, and massage gently across your skin in a circular motion for extra exfoliation
  • Hang the bag by the drawstring closure after each use to allow for proper drainage and drying which will help to extend their life
  • To use the Sisal Soap Saver Bag for exfoliating hair care:

  • Remove the shampoo or conditioner bar from the pouch before applying it to your hair as friction from the bag may lead to hair damage.
  • Wet your hair and the solid Shampoo Bar, then rub it between your hands to make it foam. Lather from roots to tips and rinse thoroughly.
  • To use the conditioner bar, wet it and work it between your hands, or directly onto your wet hair.
  • After using, put the bar back in the bag to conveniently allow it to dry.
  • 100% Sisal Soap Saver Bag
    Sisal Soap Saver Bag Sale price$5.21 Regular price$6.95