Slumber Essential Oil Blend

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9ml / 0.30fl. oz

A natural solution to assist a good night's sleep. Our best selling calming essential oil blend, offers a natural solution to help reduce sleeplessness, insomnia, nervous tension, mild anxiety and stress.

  • 100% natural, organic essential oils blended to relax and aid with sleep
  • Bergamot oil helps to release hormones like dopamine and serotonin inducing feelings of relaxation and sedation
  • Calming and grounding effect on the nervous system
  • Chemical and toxin free
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Customer Reviews

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frances V.
very relaxing

I love this oil. I sometimes use it in a diffuser but especially in the Black Chicken nasalette that I keep by the bed. Beautiful relaxing fragrance, really helps to get you in the sleep zone.

A necessity to sleep well

A few drops on to my pillow and I have the best sleep ever 😃

Harleigh A.
I adore this stuff

My partner and I drip our pillows every night and it really does sooth us to sleep. Highly recommend for anyone who loves lavender.

Smells divine

Dabbed on my pillow every night this is such a treat! Smells like cinnamon, lavender and perhaps bergamot to my nose. I like that the lavender isn’t too over powering as I don’t really love lavender.

I don’t know if this helps me sleep or not, but it is an indulgent treat which helps me relax and feel pampered before bed.

Love this

My daughter and I both dot a few drops on our pillows at night and love the scent.

Essential oil blends for sleep, insomnia and anxiety

Slumber Essential Oil Blend

How to use me

There are endless ways to get the most out of your Essential Oil Blends.

  • For use with Skypipe™ Essential Oil Diffuser 4-5 drops p/120ml.
  • To top up your Nasalette™ Essential Oil Inhaler, unscrew your Nasalette™ Essential Oil Inhaler tube and put 2-3 drops onto the pad.
  • Add 6-8 drops to your bath for a relaxing effect.
  • Add a few drops to your favourite carrier oil.
  • Tip a few drops onto a hanky for anytime smelling.
Essential oil blends for sleep, insomnia and anxiety
Slumber Essential Oil Blend Sale price$29.95