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The 5 energetic aspects that affect the skin from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective

The 5 energetic aspects that affect the skin from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective

There are many factors that influence great skin and it’s more than the products you apply.
At Black Chicken Remedies we consulted with Martine Negro, an expert of 30 years practicing and lecturing in energetic health from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective. We asked Martine for the top five things we should know that can contribute to having great skin. Here is what she said:

  1. The metaphor of the 5 elements ( Fire , Earth, Metal, Water, Wood) governs the interconnections between body organs, tissues, and psycho-emotional qualities. The skin is under the energy of the Metal element, which includes Lungs and Large intestines. Abdominal relaxed breathing strengthens the Lungs. General physical activity supports regular elimination . When the energy in the Lungs is very low, the skin can become very pale. The ability to release grief strengthen Lungs energy , which gives brightness to the completion.
  2. Hydration is essential for good quality skin. The water element ( Kidneys and Bladder) benefits from good quality water. The ability to learn and gather wisdom from every life experience, without emotional residues, supports proper Kidneys function. Fear and anxiety directly drain Kidney energy and wastes precious energy storage needed for emergencies…The skin becomes drier and darker, especially under the eyes.
  3. The wood element houses the Liver and the Gall Bladder. These are very strong organs yet easily affected by anger and frustration, which over time builds up as heat in the body. If not processed and released, that emotional heat may occasionally appears as red rash or pimples on the skin.
  4. The heart, at the core of the Fire element, is considered the “Emperor” of the body. It stores the “Shen”,which is your overall psycho-emotional aspect and is connected to your capacity to live your passion and enjoy life. Love and Joy are the prime qualities of the heart and allow the completion to shine!
  5. Of course proper nutrition, processed in the Earth element (Spleen and Stomach), is essential to nourish the skin internally and using high quality nutritious products externally complements it! Digestion is greatly impaired by worry which blocks proper absorption of nutrients, leaving the skin to become sallow. Also people who worry a lot tend to create more lines on their face, looking much older! People with a happy disposition tend to look younger…

Which element do you feel is most out of balance?

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Martine Negro

Has 30 years practice and lecturing in energetic health. Is Co founder of the Energetic and Spiritual healing diploma (1998) at Nature Care College. Energetic Coach with
My goal is to transform the “disease care” into a genuine “Health Care”, to re-empower people to take charge of their well being & become active in maintaining their own health ,paying more attention to their body’s messages & trust their intuition.

Acupuncture, acupressure/EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique), Bowen, Imagery,Radiance Stress Management, in one word: “Energetic MindBody Makeover!!!” (Reorganizing the Past energetics in a way that allows you to enjoy life , being fully present , congruent , connected & at peace with the way it is and open for more!! .) Quit Cigarettes in 60mn Program . (For those who DO WANT to stop!)


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